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Hello is turning 3

Thank you for being a valued part of the Hello process. Let’s celebrate with the useful email template guide below. You’re one step closer to receiving your 3 free gifts.

It’s a web based world, so the ‘cold call’ generation is turning into the ‘cold email’ generation and it may be frustrating to express yourself during an email introduction, sale or communication response. Here are some proven pointers to keep your emails in check.


Keep it short

We already know that this generation has an attention span that’s shorter than most mammals. That being said, try to keep the lines few and the message clear. Experts suggest reading the email out loud before sending and trimming anything longer than one minute.

Keep it real

Humanize yourself by giving your prospect/ client more than just your face on a screen. Some options may include a fun fact about yourself or personal tidbit which may let the person on the receiving end know that you’re not an automated bulk of words.

Keep it strong.

You know how you can test the strength of your password when prompted? Your email is only as strong as your first impression. That first impression is known as your subject line. Subject lines can pique or deter and you want to be compelling, direct and unique to make your mark.

Keep it decisive.

Never apologize for emailing someone. Prevent lines such as ‘Sorry for bothering you…’  These messages give them the idea that you shouldn’t even be contacting them before they even give you a fair chance. Focus on being confident, gracious and conscientious about of their time.


Keep it simple.

Don’t try to let your recipient know ‘all’ there is to know about your product/ service. It’s always important to choose ‘just one’ call to action and stick to it. This method avoids confusion and usually results in a desirable response.

You made it. Scroll a tiny bit more to receive your gifts!


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