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why we don’t do design.

Does your architect select custom floor tiles? Would your courier address your sense of style? Should your tax consultant man the lawn? A professional is one who excels, even specializes, in a given field based on talent, resource or experience. When it comes to the much deliberated world of marketing, being specific is a crucial component of success. It’s not about how to offer a one stop shop. Instead, it should be about focus and skill. The price for collaborative services is steep, so be an informed client.

Are you starting a business?

Congratulations! Did you know that most successful entrepreneurs attribute a company’s mission statement and business plan to exponential success? Additionally, company literature, as well as when and how much is needed, plays an integral part in getting the word out. Your company name tells so much about your product or service and it’s so much more than just a word. It’s your vision, for the world to see. You can then proceed to revamp your vision in the most current of design trends for visual appeal. But, start at the core first.

Are you selling a product?

Good. Chances are, you know the target audience. The competition. The production stream. But do your viewers get your message? Are they convinced as to your revolutionary selling space? Product names and brand copy should be your very first approach to sales. What follows is a style icon in the form of streamlined design that highlights the text.

Blog sharing?

For many businesses, consumer based blog posts are necessary to compete with growing forums. Other companies prefer in house blogging as a form of company culture. If you wish to start or revamp your blog, seek professionals who are willing to learn your trade and be informative.

Looking to go social?

Every professional needs a corporate bio. Your bio should be a reflection of you, in your best light, of course. Choose to go uber corporate or flat out funny, but your summary should give clients; vendors and other professionals a glimpse into what you do and why you do it. Bios may be utilized on LinkedIn, on the web and for fist flaps of brochure copy.



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