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Entrepreneurial ADHD

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ADHD is a chronic condition marked by persistent inattention, hyperactivity, and sometimes, impulsivity. Yet, in today’s fast paced world, more people are labeling themselves as ADHD. In a sense, office stress and deadlines require additional caffeine intake and heightened brain activity. The result is a strain of ADHD that’s affecting quite a majority of the growing population: Entrepreneurial ADHD. It’s how businesses have a habit of making us overstimulated, to put it mildly. In fact, just how many tabs are currently open on your browser? Walt Disney. Cartoonist, visionary, master of imagination. Walt has become quite the legend in childhood adventure and family entertainment. While ADHD has essentially played a large role in his success, Walt’s humble beginnings mimic that of many other successful entrepreneurs. High school dropout. Rejected from the army. Red cross volunteer. Dreamer. Yet, the risk taking qualities and creative mindset are what propelled one man with an idea into a man and a mouse. Walt’s inability to focus led him to pursue a penchant for cartoon illustrations, his condition finding a home in the stories of princesses, heroes and one lovely mouse family. In Richard Branson’s perspective, what’s a guy to do with lots to accomplish and ADHD on the back burner? Just about everything: live in a commune, create a magazine, buy a nightclub, breed budgerigars, build a recording studio, start a business, crash that business, build a train company, launch a space- tourism company, start a racing team, create a cosmetics line, travel around the world in a hot air balloon and live on a private island. In short, Richard built the empire known as Virgin Group while crossing all of the above off his bucket list. The company’s assets totaled 15 Billion GBP in 2012. The picture of brilliance, Albert Einstein projects the tinkering success of old times. Albert’s wandering mind followed a trail of questions and projections. He saw eureka when others saw nil. He pondered and wondered that which was unquestionable. He defied physics by a streak of unrelenting theory. Unlike ordinary individuals, ADHD personifies extreme risk takers and thinkers. Following a pattern of genius minds, Einstein defied ADHD, along with the laws of gravity and atomic energy. It seems airlines are created from an inborn behavioral personality. Jetblue's CEO, David Neeleman has notably stated: “I have an easier time planning a 20 aircraft fleet than I do paying the light bill.” Yet, when questioned, he unequivocally stated that “If someone told me you could be normal or continue to have ADHD, I would take ADHD”. Entrepreneurial ADHD is a trending habit. Perform the self test to see if you’re part of a growing reality. Disclaimer: The following questions are not linked to a diagnosis or medical statement. 1)I’m in: You’re a risk taker. 2)Just one? You have lots of business ideas. 3)Beginnings: The hardest part of starting a business is just starting. 4)What’s next? You always seek, launch and plan new opportunities. 5)I know: You have much to share but no clue how to phrase it. How did you score? If you selected 2 or more factors, chances are you’re onto something. Here’s to future success, Sarah

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