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Goal Setting

Team Hello brings you the trends, the tips and the highlights of corporate developments, while providing tools of the trade to boost productivity. Introducing a great way to implement step by step changes to your work day. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today’s useletter is centered around getting more: more clients, more assets and more things done. Brian Tracy, an expert sales training success story has lots to say about goal setting in business. Dedicate an allocated timeframe for formulating attainable goals, working your way toward your predominant goal. Watch Brian’s ever popular 7 step guide below, as you prepare yourself for successful goal implementation. Scroll down to learn more. On a practical note, here are some tried and true tips for setting and reaching goals: 1)Teamwork: Get a motivational partner to assist you with creating a set of goals. That way you won’t postpone or sidestep the process.

2)Competition: Good competition is always a source of drive, steering you toward benchmarks and bonuses.

3)Finishing prize: Award your accomplishments with bonuses that will pique your interest.

4)ROI: Always invest a win into a new goal, creating a goal set that very day. Good energy translates to positive attitude. Differ in opinion? We love to hear from entrepreneurs like you. Share your thoughts via email or on our blog, where our useletters will find a permanent home. We hope to see you there. Get useful. Get successful. Sarah

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