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Lessons from a billionaire


Team Hello brings you the trends, the tips and the highlights of corporate developments, while providing tools of the trade to boost productivity. Introducing a great way to implement step by step changes to your work day.


“I had been terrified of public speaking, I couldn’t do it”. Sounds more like a line from a high school student giving his first public appearance than a billionaire investor and guru. Those were the words ofWarren Buffett, giving a reality check to entrepreneurs and aspiring success stories. The once stage fright senior, Buffet is living proof that it takes a whole lot of commitment to succeed. He is also one to encourage starting small and aiming big. Not everyone is phone savvy; nor is the majority of entrepreneurs adept at public speaking forums. To err is human and to make a public appearance requires believing in yourself. How did he do it? Buffet enrolled in a public speaking course and is not ashamed of his ordinary efforts to achieve extraordinary results. In fact, while he refrains from displaying his many awards in his stately office, he will proudly point to his recognition award in completing a public speaking course. It was a start to a very big future and it all started small. Buffet interviewed Barbara Corcoran before she became a star on ABC’s Shark Tank. In her words, “Communication is responsible for 90 percent of my business, without a doubt.” But it didn’t come easily. She fesses up to having a severe amount of stage fright, overcoming it with online tutorials and finding frequent public speaking opportunities to combat her struggles. It’s inspiring to hear about the real side of things when it comes to tangible success and it’s ok to admit shortcomings in order to excel. How to start?

  • Give yourself a break: don’t be hard on yourself when creating goals.

  • Take baby steps: take it slow and feel comfortable with the requirements you set yourself up with.

  • Repetition is key: Repeat your mantra and keep trying until your goals become second nature.

While communicative dialogue often requires in person sittings and phone consultations, online exposure and email correspondence may require the help of professionals. Feel free to ask us how it’s done. Sarah

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