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Pokemon Go

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You see them hovering at screen corners, nosediving at the freeway and sleepwalking midday. It's the Pokemon Go sensation that's rocking the world silly. A virtual, location based game, the app portrays augmented reality in a competitive edge that's highly addictive. Well, at least it gets the general public away from their sedentary gaming positions. With a whopping valuation of $3.65 billion, the newly released game is attracting quite an audience. Here's how to implement Pokemon Go in your corporate agenda. 1.Set your map. Every goal is a Poke Stop in the making. The world is your marketplace, so choose wisely. 2.Pickem well. Pick a Pikachu. Bulbasaur- Charmander- Squirtie. These are likened to the ordinary characters of your corporate calendar. You only snag a pikachu (that cute yellow guy with happy pink cheeks) when walking away from the others. Surround yourself with happy staff and sometimes you need to walk away from negativity to see the bigger picture. And, while you're at it, we suggest walking along the safe side of the sidewalk. 3.Get out of that car. We don't recommend leaving your vehicle stranded during game time, but do use the approach when you hit a comfort zone at work. Get out of routine to snag a new connection or concept. 4. Throw the ball. Take a leap of faith once in a while. You need to throw the ball to reach for the gold and capture Pokemon. True, you lose some when throwing the ball, but you stand a chance at gaining ROI while you're at it. 5. Know your target. Green is an easy catch, yellow gives you a fifty/ fifty chance at success and red calls for razz berries on call. Animate your most difficult clients with your best pitch. Want that promotion strong enough? Make your move in real time. 6. Score with yourself. Pokemon Go is available to all users, not promoting competition in its manual. In an individual score, players get to navigate their world at their own pace. Competition is good but try to compete with yourself in the ultimate goal setting strategies. Only look as far as your avatar can go. It's a big world. Unlock the possibilities. Play for real, Sarah

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