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Slogans in the polls

The following content is not affiliated by media endorsement and reflects a marketing view within political news.

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On November 8th, 2016, America will experience a leadership change that will either border on lunacy or corruption. Speaking of borders, part of the debate debacle mentions the differing policies in regard to border restrictions or a lack thereof. Our economy, our healthcare and our international presence are to be structured by the minds of candidates that would make rocket science seem like child’s play. In a word, they may not even be fit for leadership. But, politics aside, what defines the race for President on behalf of either candidate? With figures ranging from $46 million to $556 million for campaign funding, a large chunk of the vote goes to strategic marketing. Donald Trump has made quite a movement utilizing his “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan. In fact, it defines his leading moments throughout the election. Hillary Clinton’s campaign considered and rejected 84 potential slogans before landing on the now familiar “Stronger Together” campaign slogan, according to a hacked email posted by WikiLeaks. Talk about exposure. Another popular option she considered was “I’m With Her”, a phrase which most definitely seems like a preschool chant for having the best lunch exchange. Fast forward from candy coins to hard cash and the facts are one and the same. Seems her tossed slogan did a pretty decent job at getting the facts straight. In a nutshell, every personality, corporation and organization requires an identity. For many businesses, online presence may be their only form of exposure. Making it great, matters. And don’t forget to vote! Sarah

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