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Team Hello brings you the trends, the tips and the highlights of corporate developments, while providing tools of the trade to boost productivity. Introducing a great way to implement step by step changes to your work day.


It may seem as if I’m throwing my occupation to the wind, what with encouraging the free world to navigate the pen. Instead, I chalk it up to the concept of enabling my clients to reach higher and expect more. To prepare a New Year’s resolution of epic standards. To be intrinsic to their goals and set the bar for future success. While I couldn’t help but notice the avid instagrammers and creative producers posting repeatedly about a year in review, I chose to mark the new calendar year with a writer’s perspective. Not as a business owner, entrepreneur, success story or expert. With a fresh sheet of google docs, persons of the pen encourage a fresh start, as opposed to a rehashed; edited or heavily punctuated {year} file. From behind the pen, I can share the insights and inspirations that I’ve fortunately been part of. I learned that the best ideas stem from intuition, the biggest success comes from honesty and the most powerful companies start with commitment. This year, step up your resolutions and ‘write them down’. Work in the presence of a goal sheet and believe in yourself and in your product line. Write the page of your future and don’t be afraid of failure. And when you’re ready, so are we. Sarah

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