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A simple question may answer the question.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a business owner, feedback is a crucial constant. A productive entrepreneur is one who tunes into survey results as a form of constructive criticism and the occasional high five.

Take, for example, Customer.Guru. We appreciate the simplicity of its NPS finder qualifications. If you seek the blunt and unfiltered opinion of your clients, they've got the practical solution.

What is the least helpful aspect of a typical survey? Stretching the limit, of course. Most customers get frustrated by the multi question surveys and lengthy processes of standard self implemented questions. But it's ok to employ outside help when looking to simplify things.

In the case of testimonial response, DIY isn't the most advisable route. Instead, we recommend’s user friendly interface and super cool approach.

Back to the question: What’s your NPS and what, in fact, is an NPS? Short for Net Promoter Score, NPS is the difference between negative feedback and top tier positive feedback. In simple terms, Fred Reichheld, creator of the Net Promoter system, realized that a simple survey which lists 1-10 satisfaction ratings in a user friendly interface is more likely to generate a response. Viewers and customers get to select one of the 10 options which are appealing to the cognizant consumer response. Following the number score is a simple question: “What is the primary reason for your score?”. Simple enough, yet very likely to wield a response from even the more hesitant consumer.

Reichheld encourages entrepreneurs to be aware of the promoters (ratings of 9-10);passives (ratings of 7-8) and detractors (ratings of 1-6). Do the math and know the difference between your negative and positive consumers so you can be in the know of a powerful tool in business feedback. simplified the process for you. In price categories that range from free to seed; root; flower; tree; forest; jungle and other custom options, the ‘reassuringly expensive’ brackets are well thought and well played.

See your business through the eyes of your most veritable asset: your repeat consumer.

And do take a peek the video link below, for some of Reichheld’s strategy on the topic.

The stats will thank you,


This video explains what Net Promoter Score is and why it should be important to your business.

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