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Status quo or status pro?

Team Hello brings you the trends, the tips and the highlights of corporate developments, while providing tools of the trade to boost productivity. Introducing a great way to implement step by step changes to your work day.

Trick or trend? Growing up, we were taught that ‘sharing is caring’. It seems that the next gen is learning all about sharing on a multi platform, highly addictive and uber caring level of exposure. Some share breakfast, lunch and tantrum alerts. (if only you can reach within the screen for that double fudge sundae) Others share vacations, staycations and frustrations. Swipe to see candid moments, good omens and racing opponents as you get more than your fair share of snooper’s envy. Status is now so close to home, it’s often freaky just how much we get to know about the greater public. This trend has brought social media into the hands of regular people. So, the next time you get a sympathy dinner, chalk it up to your status observers. They read your minds. Back to business: While WhatsApp status has evidently removed the filter from most of our minds and mindsets, there’s a positive side to the nonsense. Entrepreneurs get to go social, even global, when sharing company growth and success stories. In fact, the stats are increasingly high for companies who post completed projects and company culture posts on their status. Locksmiths, plumbers and other handiwork professionals get to share the status of their job sites and current progress. We’ve taken a peek at some of the world’s status successes. Some companies limit the exposure to the manager or CEO’s status update. Still others promote growth and development via employee postings that share positive vibes and promote self induced ads. The good thing is that only your contacts can view your status. You get to remind them that you exist and are on the move. Here are some of the business perks of WhatsApp status:

  1. Private sale: Posting a flash sale or promo code gets the word out at zero advertising cost. You also get to limit and monitor your customer acquisition process along the way. Status only lasts 24 hours, so you can have 2 day sales, or manually delete the sale after the designated slot is over.

  2. Tutorials: Launching a product demo on Status is a great way to engage contacts and monitor your audience. You get to see who viewed your status, which helps fine tune your audience for future ‘how to’s’.

  3. Company swag: Status is a fabulous way to share recent portfolio add ons before compiling them on a website or blog. It’s a way of keeping updates current, refreshing and transient.

  4. New releases: Posting a great new flavor of a product you’re selling makes a great advertisement for Status users. New hires and services are also great when they get the shout out for all your contacts to see.

Who’s in? Ever wondered who really gets to see the status updates you’re sharing? Nobody that isn’t saved to your phone’s address book can access your status. That’s truly targeted advertising from a different perspective. You also get the benefit of viewer control by tinkering somewhat with privacy settings. Block users, customize viewers and be completely in control of your advertising space with WhatsApp Status access controls. Use WhatsApp Status to your benefit and grow your client base, while using tech benefits to your advantage. Remember that the pathway to real success is to take it slow and steady. These are just some of the lessons learned from a very sleek, rose gold Apple. Fruity summer vibes, Sarah

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