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We're at it again. The repentance, the goal sets and the connection to our Creator. As you prepare to close shop for the interim of the Holidays, don't forget to place some thought on your auto responder. Some companies choose to skip email and voicemail responders, yet others make quite the deal about it. Here are some tips to have in mind when creating the advisable responder email. Read along and access your FREE auto responder, courtesy of Hello.

  1. Be apologetic, not regretful. It's ok to mention “we're sorry that we won't be able to personally assist you…”, yet be sure to exclude words that make it seem like you'd rather revert the absence. It makes you and your company seem rather fickle minded.

  2. Be clear with the timeframe. Make sure you have all the dates down pat for clarity and professionalism. Let your clients know your date of return ahead of time.

  3. Prepare for emergencies. If you're in the business where urgent timeframes arise, prepare your clients and contacts with a set of emergency contact information just in case.

  4. Keep it short. Never overdo the wording or creativity in an auto responder. This is NOT the time to feature your marketing genius . Instead, chances are your client will not be all that happy to hear that you're out. Limit your email to the least bit of word flow for maximum satisfaction.

On behalf of our team, I'd like to thank you personally for doing business with us this year. If you haven't yet, the new year is ripe and filled with opportunity to collaborate. As we prepare for a year of growth, we wish you bountiful blessings for a sweet new year.


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