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Sharing just one of our internal strategies. Although we’re primarily a content agency, we always like to share what can help improve your end of the desk. They say ‘never slouch’, ‘never slack off’. Now we say ‘always Slack’. We’re talking about the app that handles internal communication like no other. If you’re still sending an email to the person sitting 6 inches away in a .5 millimeter of plexiglass as a cubicle divide, then you’re doing it all wrong. You share oxygen, coffee pods and a colored printer. It’s time you share a more streamlined communication channel. What is Slack? Slack is an app that can be set up on your computer or mobile device. It’s an internal chat system that includes perks such as attachments, images and, most importantly, channels. While Whatsapp has brought social media to one on one messaging and group chats, Slack has brought social office life to chat. Slack vs. email. Traditional emails tend to cram your inbox and make it hard to differentiate which ones are internal or external, making things rather complicated. Slack does to email what email did to snail mail. In fact, Slack proves there’s no need for email at all when it comes to internal talk. Channels on Slack. Channels help you completely customize your chat system and select who should be included per channel. Privacy, accuracy and simplicity are what make Slack a great tool for organizational communication. Arrange channels to differentiate projects from office follow ups. Further divide channels by department, having easier monitoring of accounting vs. customer service, or just about any department in your company. Slack notifications. You can and should monitor and select notifications so that you don’t get notified of every channel alert. Choose time sensitive or important channels, while allowing the others to remain silent. It’s super cool that Slack allows you to customize notifications based on keywords or people. Employees can make sure to be notified regarding messages from a specific person, such as a direct supervisor. Polls at Slack. You can create a poll on your chatbot to get the yays and nays of your team. Polls are innovative, resourceful and collaborative and Slack has figured out just how simple to make the process. Slack integration. Want to keep all system updates and order integrations in your Slack channels? Slack easily integrates to a wide range of CRM systems and shopping cart features. You can also have your project management tools seamlessly integrate via the app for full updates that will replace excessive emails. Slack for search. With a powerful search feature, you can search any word in the app and generate a complete search of all messages relating to it. This helps find office data and messaging when you need them most and fast. We already know that your team is the very foundation to your success. It’s time to adapt to a more current version of office collaboration that helps get things done. This useletter has been coordinated via Slack. How can your business adapt to the app that’s boosting office efficiency by nearly 40%? Choose to follow productivity, Sarah

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