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Apple knows the value of a bio. Last week, you may have seen Jonny Ive’s name in the media. The former chief designer at Apple, also known as “Sir Jonathan”, started his new venture called Love From a couple of months back, but only when his corporate bio was removed from Apple’s leadership page, did the news go viral. As Financial Times divulged that “Apple will be Ive’s first client”, we know the designer is leaving on amicable terms. Here today. Career tomorrow. Career changes tell the story of growth, accountability and success. They also tell the world where you’re headed, how you’ve scored and just how you plan to innovate. Here’s the catch: they can only tell if you tell. It’s why Hello bios have become a popular way to update the world about your career swap or new venture, while maintaining all the value you’ve accumulated at previous positions. A Love From story. Ive shares the origins of his new venture’s company name with the world, as inspired by Steve Jobs’ message to “make a product with love and care, designing from a place of love to make an impact, even though you’ll probably never meet. It’s an expression of gratitude within design”. Ive channeled that gratitude into his new venture which includes wearable tech and healthcare design. Bio hacks you can borrow. Johnny Ive, the famed Apple Watch designer and Apple Park lead designer, certainly has his fair share of triumphs under his belt, but here are some things to think about that may make your bio interesting, diverse and always unique. 1. Time and place- is there a particular family business, first job, game changer or community that impacted your corporate story? 2. Skill set- would you like to mention degrees, higher education, courses or awards for added value? 3. Human perception- is there a person or icon that influenced your path or change of path in business? 4. Karma- how can you infuse your bio with motivation, inspiration and realism, while presenting yourself professionally? 5. Cheat sheet- after you finish your bio interview, have someone other than yourself fill in for a shift in perspective. Where there’s change, there’s content.


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